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Two Points Logistics is the trusted, award-winning transport partner you’ve been looking for.

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1040 South Service Road
Stoney Creek, Ontario, L8E 6G3


Tailored logistics solutions to bring control and visibility to your operations

Two Points Logistics has deep relationships with hundreds of carriers and works with thousands of trucking companies across North America. We are one of Canada’s most trusted logistics companies, offering highly competitive rates and best-in-class reliability. We'll be an extension of your transport team, adding support, attention, and care to your operations.

Our available services does not end here. We’ll adapt to your specific needs and deliver on them.


We ship anywhere in North America

We handle shipments all over Canada, and cross-border shipments to the US.

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Comprehensive shipping solutions

Two Points Logistics is more than just a logistics provider. We are a strategic partner offering a comprehensive array of leading transportation services and logistical solutions.

Complete Logistics Solutions

Two Points Logistics provides comprehensive logistics services, solutions and technology that supports business growth and profitability. We can handle everything from single skid shipments to large logistics projects, supporting you with a complete, outsourced transportation division.
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    We take care of your transportation needs

    Two Points Logistics has experience in handling all of your relevant trucking and rail needs. We service most lanes in North America and guarantee the safe and on-time arrival of your freight.

    1040 South Service Road, Suite 201
    Stoney Creek, Ontario L8E 6G3