Terms & Conditions

The following information describes Two Points Logistics standard terms and conditions.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us.

  • All freight quotes are done in Canadian Funds unless otherwise indicated.
  • Payment terms are Net 21 days unless authorized by management.
  • Rates are based on 40 x 48 skids with a max weight of 1200 lbs for local cartage and 1700 lbs for long haul cartage.
  • 1 hr is provided free of charge for pick ups and deliveries requiring appointments.
  • 2 hrs are provided free of charge for pick ups and deliveries not requiring appointments.
  • 30 min is provided for 1 – 6 skids, 45 min for 7 – 12 skids.
  • Wait time is billed at $ 50/ hr for van loads and $ 75.00/ hr for flatbed loads.
  • Drop trailer charge is $ 75.00
  • Driver layover charge is billed at $ 100 per night for singles, $ 150 for teams.
  • Tailgate and residential delivery will have an additional $ 75.00 charge.
  • Missed or canceled pick ups will have a min. $50.00 charge applied.
  • Pick ups or deliveries before 7:30 and after 5 pm are subject to additional charges.
  • Driver assist with loading or unloading is subject to $ 50.00 per hour.

Declared value on all shipments is subject to $ 2.00/ per lb. Additional insurance may be purchased for higher value goods. It is recommended that additional insurance is purchased through your cargo insurance carrier. Two Points Logistics does not assume liability for cargo. Carriers insurance and policy will be provided upon request.