Two Points Logistics. Making shipping simple - that's the point!

Two Points Logistics is a Stoney Creek, Ontario based Freight Brokerage. We offer a variety of customized logistics solutions to assist in your daily shipping requirements. Our goal is to ensure that we not only identify your needs, but to address areas of improvement, which can assist in cost management. Unique to other brokerages, Two Points Logistics works with your individual needs to come up with a logistics plan that works for you. Our clients have come to see the benefits of not only someone that can assist you with the shipping process, but can offer additional solutions that you may not be aware of. Our staff have several years of industry experience, in shipping, distribution, consolidation, routing and planning.   Because of this, we are able to assist in solving problems before they arise to make your shipments smooth and efficient.

Our staff take a 1 on 1 approach and look at each load the same, regardless of size and volume. We understand that in order to maintain and keep clients, service must be a priority for every shipment. We offer a 24 hour on call service so that someone is always available to assist you throughout the duration of your shipments. Our carrier base includes over 500 transportation companies throughout North America, allowing us to cover loads with relative ease. What this means to you is less time for you finding, tracing and tracking loads, and more time building your business.